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Tall Building Fire Safety Network

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more With currently more than 6400 buildings higher than 100 metres in cities around the globe, and all of them at risk from fire, greater knowledge of tall buildings is essential. The opportunity to network with professionals from around the world who agree with this statement is also vital.

Programme for the 2017 Conference

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Recent Tall Building Fires

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more Take a look through details of recent tall building fires which we will be updating regularly making it a useful reference point for the industry.

Fire Safety Management in tall buildings in Business and Mixed use Including Prevention, Fire Detection, Escape, Containment & Firefighting - £1995 + VAT

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Management of Fire Safety in tall buildings is essential if the risk of fire is to be kept within acceptable limits. More and more tall buildings are being built, and existing tall buildings modified and changed.

Tragic fires in the recent past have shown how tall buildings can pose real challenges to firefighters and those charged with evacuating occupants. Competent fire safety management is the key to fire prevention.

  • Day 1 - Prevention, including; case studies, fire risk assessment, management systems
  • Day 2 - Detection and Alarm, cause and effect, maintenance, degraded systems, false alarms
  • Day 3 - Escape, evacuation strategies, lifts, disabled escape, wayfinding, car park
  • Day 4 - Containment, passive barriers, steel protection, sprinklers, construction work
  • Day 5 - Firefighting, fire statistics, fire growth, firefighting techniques, wind driven fires

Fire Alarm Responder Training - £99 + VAT

Course details from tall building Fire Safety

Fire Alarm Responder Training is necessary for anyone who may have to investigate a fire detection signal in a large complex buildings.

The course has been designed for those members of staff that will respond and investigate alarm signals as part of a managed process. Knowing how to enter, or not enter a room in alarm is vital to prevent injury and large scale fire spread.

  • Overview of fire detection systems, including two-stage alarms with an investigation grace period
  • How fires grow in buildings via; conduction, radiation and convection
  • Backdraughts and Flashovers
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • First Aid Firefighting (theory)

Contact the Tall Building Fire Safety Network on 01304 806873 (UK Office).

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